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Inspiration and life tips


There is something about the idea of change, letting go, moving forward and having a fresh start that seems really scary and no matter who you are there is always this hesitation and because of that we tend to hold on to things(people, places and memories) that we should have let go. Read more...

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Hello, take a moment to look at “pentosite”

Everyone talks about the first blog post been the hardest because that is supposed to make or break it and decide if you really made the right choice starting a blog. Not knowing what this first post is really going to be about, I might as well type something right? so first thing ignore the heading in that moment it felt so appropriate think of it as first timers excitement. Secondly the blog name, everyone is going to ask what PENTOSITE is, I mean what kind of a blog has that name, does it belong to an artist because it includes the word pen , an artist bringing her drawing to the internet maybe? sorry to disappoint but I am NOT an artist. Read more...

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