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I actually wasn’t sure what to name this post, then again it wasn’t a planned post. I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Jentezen Franklin called ” A Fresh Vision of Jesus” (which I advise you all to listen to, click here  if you want to watch it), I was having what seemed like a really crappy day, I was bored, felt like I should be doing something but I didn’t know what exactly I should be doing. I found myself going to God and his word for comfort because that was really all I needed to go through the day but I didn’t realize.
Basically It took me two tantrums, a semi fight and almost crying to realize I felt the way I did was because I needed God and I could only be okay if I get filled with the kind of peace I get from his presence and I failed to notice that early. This post isn’t meant for storytelling( but I’d do a life update post soon), so let’s dive right into the message for today, I will try to be a brief as I can. Read more...

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