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Action II; productivity apps

Hey guys !!

This is a continuation of my previous post on boosting productivity and acing your goals. If you haven’t read it, check it out here.

I ended that post saying I would talk about the various apps that helped me become more proactive and boosted my productivity. I have used a couple of apps to help boost productivity and time management, it was one of the skills I picked from work and honestly it made my life easier. Read more...

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General, Inspiration and life tips

Action; tips on boosting productivity and achieving goals

Hey guys!

So I’ve been absent for a while due to factors ranging from a very tight schedule to my website been down (might do a life update post soon).

No worries I’m back now!!

Earlier in the year, I put a post up on my Instagram page, I put up a post on visions/dreams/plans and goals, Incase you missed it, check it out here. Read more...

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Sometimes life goes through the person and they get to a place where they feel like they are constantly drowning.

What do you do when the will to drown seems greater than the will to rise up and there seems to be no escape, you might feel no one can understand what you go through and what’s its like in your head, that it’s not because you don’t want to get your self together because you think about it but you don’t know how to. Well this post shows the mind of a person that dealt with the various feelings(need for hope, yet a log for been stuck in sad feelings) and how in the end they found peace. Read more...

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The Appreciation Post.

In moments when I feel helpless and like my strength is failing me, I look up to you  because I know in you I draw my strength.
When I feel hurt and stuck in my owm “feelings”, I come to you because you have the power to mend and heal.

When I feel extremely overwhelmed, I do not let my mind take complete control because you  have begun to work things out for my good. Read more...

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There is something about the idea of change, letting go, moving forward and having a fresh start that seems really scary and no matter who you are there is always this hesitation and because of that we tend to hold on to things(people, places and memories) that we should have let go. Read more...

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