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The Mandate

Hey guys? What’s good ? Been a minute or two! LOL

So this should be a quick one really.

Most of y’all would noticed that I’ve been slacking with keeping up on blog post not necessarily because I didn’t have the right words/articles to post, I have lots of drafts and ideas. Read more...

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I actually wasn’t sure what to name this post, then again it wasn’t a planned post. I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Jentezen Franklin called ” A Fresh Vision of Jesus” (which I advise you all to listen to, click here  if you want to watch it), I was having what seemed like a really crappy day, I was bored, felt like I should be doing something but I didn’t know what exactly I should be doing. I found myself going to God and his word for comfort because that was really all I needed to go through the day but I didn’t realize.
Basically It took me two tantrums, a semi fight and almost crying to realize I felt the way I did was because I needed God and I could only be okay if I get filled with the kind of peace I get from his presence and I failed to notice that early. This post isn’t meant for storytelling( but I’d do a life update post soon), so let’s dive right into the message for today, I will try to be a brief as I can. Read more...

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The Appreciation Post.

In moments when I feel helpless and like my strength is failing me, I look up to you  because I know in you I draw my strength.
When I feel hurt and stuck in my owm “feelings”, I come to you because you have the power to mend and heal.

When I feel extremely overwhelmed, I do not let my mind take complete control because you  have begun to work things out for my good. Read more...

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Beauty Box Part

I’m so excited for this post, No it’s not my first beauty post lol, it’s my first Christian and faith post and it’s mainly directed to girls but hey guys y’all can benefit.
So going straight to the point, we know the whole talk about beauty on the inside and on the outside and how people feel like inside always winning because you can be snow white on the outside and the evil queen on the inside and that just ain’t right. Read more...

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