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Hey guys!

So I’ve been absent for a while due to factors ranging from a very tight schedule to my website been down (might do a life update post soon).

No worries I’m back now!!

Earlier in the year, I put a post up on my Instagram page, I put up a post on visions/dreams/plans and goals, Incase you missed it, check it out here.

Today’s post would serve as a kind of “follow up” to that post, think of this post as an inspirational/motivational guide that would be useful  for us throughout the remainder of the year.

We are still fresh into this new year, I am pretty sure a couple of us can remember some of the goals and resolutions  that we all planned to crush and achieve before the year ends; most of our goals usually affect one or more aspects of our life ranging from physical, mental, spiritual, academic, work/career, travel, skin and hair care etc. but the problem starts after a week or two into the new year, everyone starts to lose “initial ginger” and all the hype we had from end of December to early January just dies down and we’re back to living our lives the same old way and not actively pursuing our goals.

I have noticed this happens to a lot of people, some do not even realize till they are far gone into the year; this post would involve practical tips and pointers that would help us improve our efficiency and ensure we get closer to crushing our goals and tasks for the year;

  1. Writing out plans: This step is usually underestimated but I think it’s the most important part of goal setting. It basically involves the identification of your goals and writing them out so that you have an idea of things you plan to achieve, this list can always be revisited and new goals are always welcome. This step isn’t just limited to making a mental or physical list; it should involve a through thinking process about things you plan to achieve in various aspects of your life and also doing a feasibility assessment of your goals and setting timelines for those goals to be achieved.
  2. Creating a to do list and deadlines: Once the individual has identified what their major goals are, there is a need identify the various little tasks and to-dos that need to be carried out before the major goal is achieved. For example, If I plan to have a clothing store by May; my little tasks include finding a location, identifying my Cloth supplier, gaining necessary skills, recruiting staffs etc. All these constitute the various tasks that need to be carried out before reaching my major goal. This applies to every major goal we set, there’s always a series of other activities that need to be done before the main goal can be achieved. So this second step involves identifying those little goals and creating a deadline to meet them, when creating this list you should bear in mind that they must be linked to your goals directly or indirectly i.e. achieving them must bring you closer to crushing your major goal! You can write your to-dos in your physical planner or journal, personally and set dates and always go back to write reports under the task(can be positive or negative, but let it be stated so that can progress can be monitored). Personally, I use a productivity app called wunderlist instead of a physical journal, it’s available for both iOS and Android). I’d explain more about the app(and why I think it’s the one of the most amazing things ever!!) in my next post.
  3. Time management:It is very important to manage your time, so you don’t spend it doing irrelevant things when you have goals(in some cases, Time sensitive ones) pending. There’s a need to manage and allocate your time so that you can effectively do things without a part of your life suffering “too much”(I used the word “too much” because some of the things we like might have to a back seat to more important ones). Effective time management also maximizes effort & productivity; there’s always enough time to carry out tasks and give it your full effort and potential instead of procrastinating and leaving it till the last minute. We should also note that effective time management includes addition of times for relaxing and leisure; all work no play makes... (Yh I was cliché but it was necessary).
  4. Accountability partner(s): Basically refers to a person that coaches/monitors the individual in terms of helping them to commit to their tasks/goals/plans. An accountability partner can be of any sex and age, it can be a friend, colleague or family member, it has to be someone you trust with your goals and the person has to understand they have to a responsibility to keep you in check and ensure your goals are attained. Plus you can have more than one accountability partner!
  5. Discipline and commitment: These two have to be most important factors when setting a goal or task! Commitment basically means being dedicated to a cause, task and activity while Discipline involves doing the right things at the right time, it involves putting ones body/feelings under subjection and control so as to overcome weaknesses and achieve a set goal. If you are not disciplined enough to follow through and commit to your goals and tasks then you might as well not make any, there is a need to make efforts on our part to commit to goals(and every life decision) and ensure they are achieved.
  6. Reward rule: This is motivation for lazy people like me; it basically means adding little rewards for yourself whenever you achieve your goal or a subtask under it. Rewards can range from chocolate bars to seeing a movie or even going out with friends. Just give yourself a reward(one that you can afford)to thank yourself for your far along you’ve come, food is always a good idea to me!

I’ve come to the end of the first part of this post, I’d be releasing a second part this week that would contain a quick list of my best productivity apps; it’s very essential we achieve our targets for this year and in my Little way I hope I’ve assisted someone do that.

I know a lot of people have asked for a post on my skincare routine and so many other things and I promise to do better this year and become more proactive with my blogging (I did a terrible job last year, but I’ve repented😭)

Thanks for reading



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