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Beauty Box Part

I’m so excited for this post, No it’s not my first beauty post lol, it’s my first Christian and faith post and it’s mainly directed to girls but hey guys y’all can benefit.
So going straight to the point, we know the whole talk about beauty on the inside and on the outside and how people feel like inside always winning because you can be snow white on the outside and the evil queen on the inside and that just ain’t right.

It is not enough to talk about or claim to be beautiful on the inside there are some things that make up your inner beauty, hence the title beauty box so basically consider it a box(not a physical box) like a mental storage box that is made up of the various things supposed to make you beautiful on the inside, pleasing to God and definitely radiate unto the outside. So we should understand that it’s not enough to say ooh I’m kind and generous etc, your inner beauty(characters) should build up into your sense of identity(personality) and thus continuous development should occur, so they should be embedded deep within our hearts and our entire being.

Before we talk about what should be in your beauty box, we should realise who we are and our identity in Christ, because we are supposed to cultivate habits and stock up our beauty boxes with things that are in rhythm with our Christian identity. Just incase anyone was doubting their positions in Christ or that God even cares about them, or incase you just needed to be reminded of your position as a child of God,  here are a few reminders;

*Disclaimer : this part of the post was written with help from my devotional inspiring women (Nov/Dec 2016) edition.

1) We are known by God (Psalm 139): The entire chapter speaks about how God knows everything we do from the day we were born, to the things we do in our secret place and public placed etc. And if God doesn’t care about you he would not bother to know about you or be invested in your case, it is as simple as that.

2) We are made in God’s image: God will not decide to make man (or woman) in his own image if he didn’t have a vested interest in getting to have a connection with you or a link to you. He would have made you in the image of a dog or a goat lol and we’d all be walking around thinking it is the normal thing because eveeyone you know be having dog head and cow legs etc and that will seem very appropriate. But he made you in his own image because he wanted to have a connection with you from the very beginning, so if we are made in his image why can’t we try to be more like that person that created us to look like him. (you gerrit??)  God sees his image and delights in us and he is constantly drawing us to ways in which we can grow and develop to reflect his image. My major point here is that God created us in his image (or likeness) because he wanted (and still wants) us to reflect something of is character.

3) We are  chosen and loved:  I can personally relate to not thinking God loves you enough. I’ve been at that stage for a while now and I kept thinking when there are all this people in the world,more Christian than me, more qualified, way better than me and all, why would the almighty God spend his time loving me or even caring because it doesn’t just make sense then I realised that it doesn’t have to make sense to me because I was thinking with the mind of a human but God is not human, he doesn’t act like us or have the mentality that we do so our tiny(limited) human minds can’t even begin to comprehend how great his love is for us. I mean in Romans 8 v35-39 the Bible talks about nothing been able to separate us from God’s love. See the amount of things mentioned, If God was human and has the human kind of love,  distance alone is enough for his love to separate from us, I mean some of y’all relationships didn’t work out because of long distance so we can definitely relate.

4) We have an inheritance(Eph 1): reading this chapter you realise all the wonderful gifts and blessings that God left for you. You can’t leave gifts or provide good things to someone you don’t consider important, not to mention the holy spirit of God which is one of our greatest inheritance on earth as Christians.

As Christians our lives are supposed to be hidden with Christ, because this causes our outer and inner life to become renewed in the image of our creator. We are chosen and loved, we should leave a life that causes others to be blessed and want to become Christians. Not have a character and attitude that chases people away and prevents them from getting to know Christ.

I hope you were blessed by this??

Quick prayer point:  Dear lord let my life reflect you in every way, a lifestyle pleasing to you, make me beautiiful from the inside out, amend my shortcomings and mould me into an individual that will be after your heart. Amen!.

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