Hello, take a moment to look at “pentosite”

Everyone talks about the first blog post been the hardest because that is supposed to make or break it and decide if you really made the right choice starting a blog. Not knowing what this first post is really going to be about, I might as well type something right? so first thing ignore the heading in that moment it felt so appropriate think of it as first timers excitement. Secondly the blog name, everyone is going to ask what PENTOSITE is, I mean what kind of a blog has that name, does it belong to an artist because it includes the word pen , an artist bringing her drawing to the internet maybe? sorry to disappoint but I am NOT an artist.

The site name came from what I thought a blog is supposed to be about, so here goes my next short story WHAT DOES A BLOG MEAN TO YOU well a blog to me means a place where you get to express your views on issues to whoever is interested, basically an online journal because it is my blog, so instead of writing in a traditional journal using a PEN, I am moving it to a SITE online to express those views, hence the name pentosite. get it? I think you should though…

So the next question on y’all minds is probably what is this going to be about?? it is going to be a blog basically about everything I feel I am good at and can really talk about and I feel others will be able to relate because what really is the use of a blog that individuals can not relate to? others probably be like don’t we have enough blogs already, ooh well get ready to be AMAZED because pentosite about to be your stop for everything because I will talk about lots of things. it is basically a multipurpose blog (Faith/Christian Blog, Beauty and Makeup blog, Style blog, Inspiration, Relationship stuff, Haircare) just naming a few.. It will involve a whole lot of things and address different people and interests, the way and manner I will do it I don’t know but I know it will be a good and definitely fun journey.

So y’all buckle up and enjoy and I wish you the very best day.


Love adarh.

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