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I actually wasn’t sure what to name this post, then again it wasn’t a planned post. I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Jentezen Franklin called ” A Fresh Vision of Jesus” (which I advise you all to listen to, click here  if you want to watch it), I was having what seemed like a really crappy day, I was bored, felt like I should be doing something but I didn’t know what exactly I should be doing. I found myself going to God and his word for comfort because that was really all I needed to go through the day but I didn’t realize.
Basically It took me two tantrums, a semi fight and almost crying to realize I felt the way I did was because I needed God and I could only be okay if I get filled with the kind of peace I get from his presence and I failed to notice that early. This post isn’t meant for storytelling( but I’d do a life update post soon), so let’s dive right into the message for today, I will try to be a brief as I can.

This post will basically be explaining some of the insights and application of lessons I got from the sermons I listened to this week, some of them might be in a Q and A format, and others might be explanations to statements, I really hope this helps someone learn something new

(Diving in…lool)

1) Why does God use unbelievers/people with a very bad past: God uses very bad people because they make the best “good” people, I’d explain; when a person is a “sinner” and they do things which do not seem biblically and socially correct they have a certain level of zeal and passion in doing whatever it is that they enjoy doing, so when they are called apart to do the work of God, they carry that same passion and zeal into working for the kingdom because they have a better and more meaningful purpose for the zeal they have. Do you think Paul was the only person killing and persecuting Christians? Do you think he was the only person that felt he was killing Christians to please God? But God separated Paul from the rest because of his zeal, passion and ability to fight and stand up for what he believed. God he knew that if he got converted and his zeal was put to good use, it will be a mighty win for his kingdom (and we can all agree that it was a mighty win!).

2) Why does God cause a separation to occur in lies of individuals before they begin to fulfill purpose:
Sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone if we are to fulfill purpose, nobody becomes better by doing things in the same old way that doesn’t yield fruits.
Here are various reasons separation occurs for a while before you can fully actualize your purpose:

  • Your purpose is not found in your comfort zone( your comfort zone can be habits, friends, places) sometimes when you are too comfortable in you’re the place you find yourself, you don’t challenge yourself to do better and figure out something new

  • Sometimes your comfort zone/safe place is filled with people who don’t believe in your purpose, (let us not start the whole it doesn’t matter what people think speech) but if you are constantly surrounded by so much negativity and people who judge you by your past and can’t see you become a better person then you can’t expect it to be easy to see yourself grow and be different from that perceived idea/notion those people have about you.

  • Sometimes you might have found your purpose in your comfort zone, but it is not that zone that needs your gift, so God takes you out if it to the place where your potential will mature and manifest into a purpose and begin to actualize. (that’s why some people go out of the country and make it while some find it difficult when they get out of the country, location affects purpose fulfilment also)

  • Lastly, people need peace, quiet and new environments to hear and find purpose for that season.

3) Most people are stuck on potential that they don’t get to fulfill purpose,
I will explain;
It is good to have potential(because that means there is something important and valuable on the inside of you that can become something if UTILIZED) but if that potential isn’t utilized then it doesn’t help anyone. So if you are feeling fly because they said you have potential and every time you keep hearing you have potential but you have not used that potential to fulfill purpose then ooh well.

Sometimes most of us don’t find purpose in our potential for reasons such as :
– They want another’s persons purpose to be their own purpose
– Some people are too scared to fulfill purpose, whether you believe it or not some people are scared of greatness and most time fear limits us
– Laziness: people are basically too lazy to put in the work that will enable them fulfill purpose
– They get intimidated by other people’s purpose and start to feel inferior,(people make Rolex and people make regular watch, not everyone can buy a Rolex so we go to normal watch. Now imagine if every watchmaker made Rolex, what would everyone else use?

4) Being born again is not defined by accepting an altar call; it is about the heart, When I mean being born again is by the heart, I mean that God looks at the works and state of your hearts to determine if you are truly born again and want to start a relationship with him. You can’t be born again if you don’t want to start a relationship with God and accept Jesus to be lord over your life, that means making a decision to want to be like him. It is when you realize that accepting God, his lordship and love are the things that make you born again not just going for altar call and forming extra religious, that’s when you begin to experience been truly born again

5) The moment you begin to fall in your walk with God is when you start to lose vision.

As Christians our hope and vision is in Jesus, so the moment our gaze shifts from Jesus (our vision) to any other thing we begin to lose momentum and direction, we become like peter who was happily walking on water but the moment he shifts his gaze from his vision(Jesus) and begins to let surroundings and circumstances determine his actions more rather than, he began to sink and fall into the water (in our cases we begin to fall into circumstances and get engulfed in worries and stress)

6) Why do Christians say their identity is found in Christ?Most times we hear believers say things like our identity is found in Christ because we are Christians hence Christ like, which is true because if we claim to be a follower of someone then part/most our identify should be found in that person the we claim we are like,  Jesus is who he is because he found himself identifying with the father and the bible says in Colossians that the word was made through Jesus and by Jesus and for Jesus, so who better do you base your identity on than the person in whom everything your existence and living is based upon his wholesomeness.

7) How do we access the full power in the word of God?

I will start with an everyday illustration, imagine you get a new PS4 in order to use it and access its complete function you have to read its manual and fully understand it and if you don’t you can call someone to help explain the manual and teach you so that you can fully understand how to effectively use it. Same thing goes with accessing the power in the word of God, until you fully understand, look deeper and decipher the mysteries in the word then it can be applied effectively as a tool of prayer, comfort and warfare in your life. Unless you understand the word, it won’t make any sense to you.
this is not me saying that people can’t just quote a scripture randomly and use it to pray, but there’s always a deeper revelation and insight that you get the moment you read a word and the Holy Spirit deciphers the mysteries in that word and teaches you how to apply it

Yup so that’s all for this edition (LOL, that sounded too serious) but I’d probably be doing more of this(probably once a month), explanations and key points from sermons, bible time and general life hacks

this was initially supposed to be titled doses of rhema

Thank you for reading, feel free to give feedbacks and suggestions in the comment box below.


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