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There is something about the idea of change, letting go, moving forward and having a fresh start that seems really scary and no matter who you are there is always this hesitation and because of that we tend to hold on to things(people, places and memories) that we should have let go.

The truth is life is hard and when we get used to something that seems to make it a bit more bearable, easier and in some way simpler we are always scared to leave even when that thing starts becoming toxic, doing more harm than good. There might warning signs or signs that are basically staring right at your face but you tend to go a place of denial because you can’t imagine letting go and you try to convince yourself that it will change, Do not get me wrong I am a big believer in second, third and even fourth chances, but when you see an unending pattern and endless cycle of things not constantly working out, then it is time for a change.
Whether it is the addition of something new or the total deletion of something old or even just a tweak in your entire routine, the truth is still the fact that the change has to happen and you gotta start fresh and deal with it, In most cases it is always harder to let go, almost everyone I have come across in life has always said it is harder to let go than to add because letting go involves both addition and subtraction., let me clarify on that, when you have to let something go(subtraction) there is already enough pain(maybe not that dramatic but understand the point) in that, then you go ahead and look for an addition because there has to be something to replace what was deleted so there is the stress of having to add something new and learn how to adapt, so you are basically dealing with a loss and setting yourself up for adapting to an addition or change that is so uncertain leaving you to deal with the anxiety of that without the comfort of your “safety box” which has already been let go off.

But I did not come here to give you definitions, lol this is an inspiration post so I will basically like us to know that the change is okay, no matter how scary it seems, there is a time when it hits you that is time for things to take a 180 degree turnaround then do it, no matter when that time is for you, some people are strong enough to answer the call and just do it and some people (like me ., lol) are not, but no matter your personality there is a time you come to that realization and you have to accept the change and start something new,  yes it is scary and very uncertain but as individuals we should realize that there is something better and all we have to do is open ourselves to the possibilities and make wiser decisions.  With every change we make in life opens a door to NEW BEGINNINGS, no matter how little or large something new comes from it and we have to learn to embrace it, some people are going to be like how are you so sure the change is good and how are you so sure that what you are letting go off won’t be the best thing that ever happened to you but I am a whole lot smarter now to know that if it is not working out you walk out and leave and focus on yourself and with time maybe it could work out(time really does make a lot of difference both on your part and that of what you let go off) if you are willing or maybe you walk out and realize that you have been inhibiting yourself and your growth all this while and embracing the change was the best decision you made but the truth still remains you will never know until you try.

I think it is time to make that step whatever it is and cut things off  (it might be a friend, relationship, job, location, a particular kind of lifestyle or attitude and the list goes on but whatever you feel ahs to go or everyone been saying got to go, maybe you aren’t even sure of what is but you can think and make right decisions. You should take your time when making such decisions to make peace with it to an extent but truth is it is never easy and there might be some pain attached but there is always a silver lining and you should hold on to that when you see yourself slipping and remind yourself of the fact that you made this change for a reason and you can not go backwards. If you feel that you have nothing to let go off, well congratulations but maybe you have something you could add to make that change and start a whole new beginnings.  I will use Mark Zuckerberg for an example, everyone knows the success of Facebook and most of us if we had that much success we will probably just chill and not do anything but even after that he did not give up, he kept adding and being better, my point is your new beginning does not have to involve letting go it might be an addition scenario.

No matter the uncertainty ask yourself  this question. Would I rather be stagnant or make that decision and open myself to possibilities and opportunities and experience the joy of new beginnings..



Have a good day




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