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Action II; productivity apps

Hey guys !!

This is a continuation of my previous post on boosting productivity and acing your goals. If you haven’t read it, check it out here.

I ended that post saying I would talk about the various apps that helped me become more proactive and boosted my productivity. I have used a couple of apps to help boost productivity and time management, it was one of the skills I picked from work and honestly it made my life easier.

This brief post contains my major (most preferred) productivity boosting apps;

1) Wunderlist: This is literally a power house!! It’s a productivity app that has different functions; you can create to-dos and make sub task under them, you can invite other people via email and have joint projects with them, it has a comment section in which progress reports can be typed into, there’s a chat section where those with joint project can communicate about their tasks.

It gives you the option to assign task to certain individuals in a group/joint project. The app enables you to prioritize tasks in order of importance, you can also set reminders and deadlines, the app lets you schedule and send follow up mails! It’s really such an amazing app and does many more things than what I just explained.

Please do check it out, it’s available for iPhone and Android.

2) Microsoft Outlook: This is an email and calendar app, I honestly think it’s one of the best, you can sync all your different email accounts such as (yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, exchange..) into this app. The format is amazing, it’s easy to navigate and your mails are well organized. I mean you can’t be an adult without paying attention to your email anyway. It also has an amazing calendar app inbuilt; so you can also plan your time and allocate each time for important activities and a reminder pops up on your phone till you start the task.

You have the option to plan your calendar and time schedule in advance for months and even years to come. You can also sync Skype calls with your friends through it.

Did I forget to mention, that you. Can sync your wunderlist to your outlook, so it automatically pops shows your deadlines on your outlook! (Consider it a double reminder)

It’s available for iPhone(iOS 10 or higher) and Android

3) Microsoft OneDrive: This is a cloud storage system, very similar to iCloud but I think it’s way better than iCloud(personal preference). I especially love one drive because it can automatically be synced to your Microsoft Office app/software (MS Word, MS Excel etc )on your laptop, tablets, iPad and phone. Hence you always have a back up of your files online.

Incase your system crashes, You can easily access your files wherever you are once you have them stored in the cloud and that can be very handy! So wherever you are once there’s an internet connection you can access important files with either a laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet or phone. You can also share folders with individuals and control what type of access they have to the files. available for iPhone and Android

4) Google keep: This app was my first love, it’s the perfect note taking app in my opinion; it’s easy to use and navigate and the colors and nice; it can easily double up as a to do tracker. The app also gives you the option to tag every note inputted into categories such as work, health life etc and you can choose to view them based on categories.

Once you have a Gmail account, you can easily use this app and even if you change devices, with your login details you have access to all your information.

Also available for iPhone and Android

So these are my major productivity apps, there’s a lot more apps in the app stores that you can also try out and my list obviously doesn’t cover all of them! But check them out and give me feedback.

Also if there are any other apps that you find very useful but I didn’t mention please leave a comment below stating its name and what it does!

So I had a lot of replies and comments on my previous posts(some messaged me on IG, WhatsApp, a few called) and I really appreciate it (would be better if y’all commented here but baby steps😂) but I appreciate the reception and glad it was something people could relate to.

I’m trying to post more engaging and relatable content, so stay tuned as I bring you the best of all worlds in areas relating to Faith, Beauty, lifestyle

(I gotta be my own hype man)Thank you so much for reading


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