The Appreciation Post.

In moments when I feel helpless and like my strength is failing me, I look up to you  because I know in you I draw my strength.
When I feel hurt and stuck in my owm “feelings”, I come to you because you have the power to mend and heal.

When I feel extremely overwhelmed, I do not let my mind take complete control because you  have begun to work things out for my good.

When the storms of  life feels like it’s ready to have a go with me and throws different things my way.You lord put a calm to that storm and give me such great peace that makes everything seem like rainbows and unicorns.

What of moments filled with anxiety and excessive worry? I no longer bother overworking my frail mind instead I have learnt to cast my burdensome on you because you CARE and have the power to do more than my imagination can.

Times when loneliness and extreme sadness decide to pay me a visit, i have realised that I am never alone and you are my comforter and best friend and a constant visitor so I don’t need to be opening door from them folks knocking on my door.

Even in moments where I feel like I have extreme Joy and Happiness and I shouldn’t need you, you show me in different ways how that greater joy will I feel when I add you to the mix.

You do all these and more, you are not man, you are perfect and ever present.

So why dear lord  do I keep feeling I can do it all when you lord can do more for me than I can imagine or ever think of.
I didn’t plan on writing this but I woke up this night at 3:00am  and felt overwhelmed and stuck in moods I couldn’t understand with nobody to call or talk to, I was very close to start feeling alone and sorry for myself but I felt your presence and I did something i never do which is remind myself why I shouldn’t wallow which normally i never would have.

I also realised I’ve changed a whole lot from who I used to be and that’s all because of you lord.

How can one person be able to do all that,pick imperfect people from their lowest points and make them perfect in his sight in the highest positions imaginable.

Filled with all that power and strength, an embodiment of grace, elegance, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Yet to take time to serve as my peace, strength,shield, provider, hope, love, best friend, joy.

Unlike my relationship with others I don’t have to try too hard to find you, or feel like I’m forcing myself because even before I reach out you’re already there although I do not come to you often.
Why do you keep waiting for me to get my act together no matter the amount of times I have ignored  you and deemed you irrelevant.

Everytime I sit down and marvel at your glory and presence, writing this post made me realise Why you are referred to as the ALL SUFFICIENT GOD.
Hence this post because I’d forever be grateful


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  • mzhaich

    This!!!! I can so relate. Grateful for His amazingly overwhelming love.
    You are not man, you are perfect and present! Thank you sweet Jesus😩♥️

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