The Comeback

Hey guys!!

It’s been 7 months since my last post and I am incredibly sorry. There have been lots of factors that led to this happening, some of them were technical issues with the blog and some were just me letting personal stuff and stress (and a little bit of writer’s block, work stress and lack of motivation) get in the way of posting but I’d do better.

I promise!!

It’s been a long 7 months of uncompleted blog drafts and me discovering stuff about myself. I remember in my first post i said my blog was going to be an expression or more like an extension of me and things I like (which includes faith based stuff, skincare, haircare, fashion, makeup, health, lifestyle, short poems and stories​) but I’ve done mainly faith based stuff(which I am super happy about btw) but I’d touch a little bit of everything else before the year runs out.

On the plus side, I’ve finally fixed my commenting issues! For those that have not been here since i started the blog, I’ve always had issues with my comment section and now it’s resolved (does a quick excited dance) now i can read all the love (or hate) and get a feedback which i have always wanted plus It is also a way i can get your suggestions on what topics or issues you want me to blog about.

So this is me having a comeback and i am really positive about this time around so fingers crossed**

So basically welcome back to PEN-TO-SITE everyone.


And if you have anything you’d want me to talk about please put in the comment section below.


Thank you

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