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Sometimes life goes through the person and they get to a place where they feel like they are constantly drowning.

What do you do when the will to drown seems greater than the will to rise up and there seems to be no escape, you might feel no one can understand what you go through and what’s its like in your head, that it’s not because you don’t want to get your self together because you think about it but you don’t know how to. Well this post shows the mind of a person that dealt with the various feelings(need for hope, yet a log for been stuck in sad feelings) and how in the end they found peace.

Hope it speaks to someone.


Though it might seem to others like you are spiraling down, you tend to find comfort in me

I comforted you, I became your best friend and never let you go, never let you question if you’re alone because you always felt my presence.

  • Why do you  have to let me go ?  I was there when no one was. I filled you when you were empty inside, gave you a large part of me that was so intoxicating, do you really want to let all that go and start all over with the empty promises of it been better with time.


Like a helpless stallion with a broken limb or a hawk with a damaged wing.
Bending to every will of their captor without questions and the strength to rise up.

Broken with a need to be mended.
Pain with a search to be cured. Empty looking to be filled

A bottle? Temporary fixes not needed

Maybe constant pills to numb it all? Overdosing never helped anyone.

So what happens when it’s all breaking down and there’s need for a fix?

How do you rise up from rock bottom to continue the journey to the top?

Or will despair and anguish become your forever companions..

Haven’t you heard I  heal all wounds both physically and mentally.

It’s easy to fall away and  think I do not make a difference.

I know I don’t wait for any man, I move without asking for permission but you have the power to bend me according to your will.

Utilise me to suit your needs, I’m more constant than the pain you choose to embrace.

But you have the power to make me stop just for you to heal.

I meet people at different points


i am what you make out of me.


Hey child of mine I LOVE YOU.

Despite your brokenness and past mistakes,

I know you feel lonely, empty, ashamed, weary and worn out.

Feeling like the world is closing in against you, and all your doors are locked with no point of escape.

Locked into a box

Backed into corner

Tucked away and left alone.

But I need you to know that you don’t have to rely on temporary fixes.

I am here to heal and mend completely leaving no wound unattended to and no hole left filled.

A cure to your pain, soothing your heart.

A fix for your soul, mending your spirit.

But I want you to know that I am with you to give you strength and peace,

ooh so much peace that surpasses human understanding will I give unto you. Peace that cancels out fear, anxiety loneliness.

And I will install in you a sense of importance, love, wholesomeness that will make you come out of your “dark times”stronger and betterthan you ever were before you got there and I promise once you feel my touch you never have to go through that part of life again.

You doubt me? Why not give it a try what’s the worst that can happen since you’re already at lowest point you can ever be.

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